Movie Review – Old (2021)

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Movie Review – Old


Is this M. Night Shyamalan’s comeback movie? Well, you could say that, but he was producing and directing some of the episodes for Servant, which is on Apple (and also great). Shyamalan is a filmmaker. He’s known for movies. So for him to come back with something like this is awesome and really kind of out there. This movie is like a two-hour exercise in anxiety and fear. I honestly felt on the edge of my seat. It became more and more stressful as the film went on. And I don’t know if that’s how he anticipated his audience would feel, but that’s how I felt.

And the story itself is really thought out. It’s the kind of story you’d read on creepypasta or somewhere like that. Or Reddit. Just somewhere weird. It was just mind-blowing. So let’s talk about the synopsis real quick. This family decides to go on vacation. And as they arrive at the resort, the resort manager comes over and tells them that he knows of a really secluded, secret beach where the family can go and relax. And they all decide to go to this secret beach, and some other people join them, and it all begins to fall apart. I actually kind of thought that what was happening was happening. And they don’t really explain it until the end.


The main family were easily sold on the idea of this secluded place. Because they were there to be on holiday. The husband and wife were also there to try and rectify a break-up in their relationship, which really isn’t relevant to the film’s main plot. But it does give you a wonderful conclusion. And you also get a background, like a little bit of history of the characters. But from the minute things start going wrong, it’s a downhill spiral of horrible situations to be in. Everything gets worse and worse as the minutes go on. So it’s that kind of film where everything starts off okay. And then bam! It just starts roller coasting at a hundred miles per hour!

And apart from being really entertaining and a fascinating story, it opened my mind to how everyone talks about time and not having enough time to do this, not having enough time to do that. They basically didn’t have time. For these people, 12 hours was like 30 years. So if you put yourself in that situation and imagine what those few minutes would be like. 15 minutes would be two or three days!

When you think about that kind of pressure, the next time you say you don’t have time – think about that situation because it really shocked me how much I thought about that one concept afterwards. You have 24 hours. 24 hours in a day to do anything that you really want. I mean, within reason, obviously, we’re not talking about going to the moon or anything like that, but within reason, you still have 24 hours every day. And I’m gonna start thinking about that a lot differently. I try to fill my minutes with a lot, but you can always improve. That’s the thing. These people were put in a unique situation. And this is very similar to another movie which stars Sam Rockwell. It’s not the same concept at all, but it has to do with time and not having enough of it.

We really want people to see this without knowing what’s going on because it hits you like a ton of bricks. And the ending is so, so sweet. I believe that the ending of this movie could make or break it. You feel such a sense of relief when this movie ends, not because the movie is ending, but because of the way it ends and the way that the story ties up. It’s just so well done. So definitely check out this movie by Night M. Shyamalan if you can – it’s worth it!

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