The Green Knight – How David Lowery Found the Inspiration to Tell His Unique Version of an Age-Old Tale

JulieGJuly 28, 20216 min

We haven’t seen The Green Knight yet. So we are going to be waiting for this movie to drop locally, just like everyone else. To say we’re intrigued would be an understatement. And while The Green Knight might be a new thing for some, it’s definitely not a “new” story at all. Variations of this tale have been told for hundreds of years linked to King Arthur and the knights of the round table. And who doesn’t like a story about a great and malevolent evil overcome by the good and decent knight? We’ve had stories about knights before but not really anything like this. I’d argue that there really hasn’t been anything on the scale of this film since Excalibur, which was released in the 80s!


So what makes this movie so special? If you watch the clip we’ve attached to this article, you’ll get a much better idea of how Lowery will tell the Green Knight’s story. The movies that David Lowery is drawing from to create (or is that recreate?) this magnificent world are some of my favourites. I’m safely betting that at least one of the movies he refers to for inspiration is something you’ve liked or enjoyed and continue to watch to this day. It will give you a lot of food for thought, particularly when David Lowery explains why and, more importantly, how he used these five films as a basis for this movie. It’s incredibly inspirational and really helps put you “in touch” with what the director is trying to say and achieve in his film.

If you’re unsure who David Lowery is, he has written and directed some interesting films, including A Ghost Story (which I loved!) and Ain’t Them Bodies Saints (also a remarkable film). If you’ve seen and liked either of these films, you’ll understand why this one is so highly anticipated.

Some lucky critics have been able to see this film already, and their reviews have been incredibly positive (not that we doubted that at all). When we finally get to see it, we’ll be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to write our own review, but for now, please check out David Lowery’s interview hosted by Alamo Drafthouse on YouTube and thanks for reading!

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