Documentary Review – Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil (2021)

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Documentary Review – Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil (2021)


Demi Lovato – whether you love her or not, is a force of nature. For the first time, we get to see her completely open and exposed in a “no-holds-barred” documentary focused on her traumatic experience and overdose in 2018. Most documentaries that focus on famous people aren’t always as open and honest as this one. The idea that someone who seemingly has everything; money, fame, talent and beauty can fall so far and barely make it back alive is as interesting as it is shocking. It makes you want to know what happened to her, well, what really happened.

Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil brings in everyone that had any connection to Demi during that dark period of her life, including her best friends, her family, her business partners. No stone was left unturned. You get the feeling watching this that Demi not only wanted but needed to expose the deepest scars that she’s been hiding for the majority of her life. It’s a brutally honest retelling of how addiction, sexual abuse and fame can push a person to the absolute edge and live to tell the tale.

Demi’s overdose in 2018 made worldwide headlines. She was actually in the middle of making a documentary when she overdosed. So, of course, that documentary was shelved and replaced with this one. The sensitive nature of this documentary may be triggering to a lot of people, particularly anyone who has suffered from addiction or sexual abuse. But it’s such an important story to tell, not just for Demi Levato but for anyone that’s ever suffered from addiction or abuse.


The interviews that you see with Demi’s family, friends and co-workers paint a bleak picture. Demi’s life was spiralling out of control, but nobody could help her because she kept so much of the pain hidden from those closest to her. This in itself is important because so many people who need help don’t know how to ask for it until it’s too late. If you take anything away from this documentary, it’s the message that if you’re in trouble, you absolutely must reach out to someone, anyone. In Demi’s situation, she had multiple people in her inner circle that knew nothing about the pain she was dealing with. And Demi admits that she manipulated the people around her into believing there was nothing wrong.

It’s extremely humbling to see a woman of Demi Lovato’s wealth and affluence admit to being a screw-up. Not only does she admit to it, but she now welcomes it with open arms and embraces the broken parts of herself. With the help of the people that love and care for her, she was able to finally take those demons she had been fighting with for so long and bring them into the light. And through an arduous process of reconciliation and staying sober, she came out on the other side.

Demi Lovato: Dancing With the Devil is one of the most important documentaries of our time. Everyone should watch it, period.

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