Movie Review – The Last Letter From Your Lover (2021)

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Who doesn’t like a soppy, over-dramatised love story now and then? If the title of this film isn’t enough to scare you away, then you, my friend, are the target audience! The Last Letter From Your Lover is a film adaptation of a book of the same name written by Jojo Moyes. And apparently, Jojo Moyes is quite good at this writing thing because it’s her second book to be adapted to film. And yes, this film is a little soppy, but it’s also an interesting story of how love can transcend any boundary, even time itself. Queue the soppiness!

Shailene Woodley and Callum Turner play our lovelorn principal characters, and they’re both really believable as two people falling in love when they absolutely shouldn’t. They also have great chemistry, which is important if you’re telling a story about forbidden love (well, that’s what we’re told). Shailene Woodley has come a long way since her turn in the Divergent movies, and she’s quite excellent as Jennifer Stirling, a woman her husband mostly ignores, which leads her right into the arms of Anthony O’Hare (Callum Turner). That might seem a little too cliched or obvious, but it is a rather large part of the story. There’s no ripping off of dresses or trousers, however. This love story is as innocent as an illicit affair can be.

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The setting for this story is extremely picturesque, which doesn’t help matters between Jennifer and Anthony. Beautiful places with even more beautiful people might seem a tad boring, though, right? And that’s where the other “part” of this film fits. The story itself is told from the point of view of Ellie Haworth, played by Felicity Jones, who stumbles upon the letters sent between Jennifer Stirling and Anthony O’Hare. When Ellie finds the first letter, she can’t help her natural journalistic curiosity and goes about trying to find the other letters. She enlists the help of Rory McCallan, played by Nabhaan Rizwan, and together they embark on a journey right into the hearts of these two people.

As endearing as this film tries to be, there’s a nagging thought telling you that this has all been done before. Love stories these days really have to pack a punch if they’re going to make people sit up and take notice. And the fact that this story is actually about four people separated by 50 years or so helps immensely. But something is still missing from this recipe; there’s not enough tragedy to make the suffering worthwhile. It all seems too “tidy” to ever be anything more than just another soppy love story. If you’re a die-hard love story type, this movie will tick every one of your boxes for sure.


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