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IMDb summary - A deep cut into the days and nights of a public schoolteacher in the San Fernando Valley.
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Mr Corman

This is a special show for Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who is one actor I’ve admired over the years. His body of work speaks volumes about his talent as an actor, but this show is wholly his creation. It’s a tough call to be the creator, writer, director and actor of your own show, but he’s finally made that leap, and it’s an ambitious one. JGL portrays Mr Josh Corman, a school teacher who feels like life is literally slipping through his fingers. He’s almost neurotic about it, which then brings on a full-blown anxiety attack. He doesn’t know what it is at first, and part of Josh Corman’s experience allows the audience to look at anxiety through his eyes. It’s a journey well-worth taking, particularly if you suffer from anxiety or depression.

Mental Health can be a tricky topic, and JGL covers this super-important issue with respect and care. It’s presented in such a way that at first, you’re not even sure of what’s happening, which is exactly how Mr Corman feels. As the minute’s pass, it’s evident Josh Corman needs help, and he doesn’t even know where to begin. The support people in his life are his flatmate, who is also his best friend and together, they tackle this overwhelming experience. As you get to know who Josh Corman is beyond being a teacher, you discover that he’s just an average guy getting through life the best way he can. He’s stumbling and struggling like all of us do at some point in our lives. It’s a poignant view on how giving up on dreams and what you are passionate about in life can set you back further than you realised.

The topic of family is also briefly introduced in Debra Winger as Ruth Corman, Josh’s mother. She seems way too distracted with herself to care about Josh’s problems. Yet another thing many people can probably relate to in life – sometimes you will feel completely alone. What do you do about it? Grin and bear it? Try and find support elsewhere? Or curl up in bed and eventually give up on everyone, including yourself? At first, it’s not obvious which road Josh will take. And that’s one of the deeper and more interesting aspects of the character. He’s a little unstable, but he’s also aware of his situation and that he needs to do something about it – whatever that is.

The less happy subject matter is sprinkled with funny moments that JGL pulls off with finesse. He is a naturally funny dude, and his best friend Victor, played wonderfully by Arturo Castro, feeds off JGL’s energy in such a way that you could swear these guys were good friends in real life. The more humorous moments in the show are a light reprieve from the dominating tone of Josh’s “impending doom”. The light-heartedness in these scenes give you the impression that things might look up for Josh. And we can only hope the remainder of the show continues to give us more of the same because it’s pretty amazing.

Mr Corman is specific enough in its subject matter to draw in anyone that finds themselves struggling with mental health issues. But it’s also a show about a 30-something dude who gave up on his dreams of being a musician to settle into a life he doesn’t really want. How many of us can relate to feeling this way at least once in our lives? From that angle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt may have hit the jackpot with this show and his character Josh Corman is practically everyone at some point. And that might be the ticket for everyone to sit back, take a load off and get inside the head of a dude struggling with life and all its complexities. Sign us up for the long haul!


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