Movie Reviews and TV Reviews Podcast #76 AHS S10/Clickbait/Snake Eyes/Pig/Disney – What If?

JulieGAugust 29, 20213 min

Welcome to Now Showing NZ’s Movie Reviews and TV Reviews Podcast for Week Ending 29/08/2021


AHS S10 (2021) Review!
  1. Demonic (2021) (begins 59 secs)
  2. Pig (2021) (begins 5 mins 56 secs)
  3. Snake Eyes (2021) (begins 11 mins 50 secs)
TV Shows
  1. AHS S10 Ep01 and Ep02 (2021) (begins 14 mins 01 secs)
  2. Clickbait (2021) (begins 21 mins 03 secs)
  3. Disney – What If? Season 01 Ep 03 (2021) (begins 24 mins 15 secs)

Stay safe out there, everyone, and we’ll catch you in our next podcast!

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