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IMDb Summary - While most of the landscape is destroyed by nuclear warheads, Strand thrives in one of the few inhabitable places left; Strand's search for survivors uncovers a stranger with an unexpected connection to his past.
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We’re beginning to wonder how Fear The Walking Dead managed to get so good as a spin-off TV show. Granted, it’s not better than TWD was at the height of its popularity, but some seasons have been just as good as any of the best ones in The Walking Dead. This is the review for FTWD S07 Ep01 “The Beacon”.

In the final episode of season six, the nuclear warheads were released. Texas became contaminated with atomic fallout, which contaminated the walking dead, making them more deadly and harder to kill. Victor Strand managed to avoid the fallout living in the “Tower” that he now controls with the assistance of his right-hand man, Toby. Strand has done exceptionally well and now has his militia and a thriving community in a relatively secure building.

The fallout brings new strangers into Strand’s vicinity in the shape of a loner named “Will”, who Strand takes in. Strand listens to Will’s stories about surviving in the fallout, noting everything he says, particularly the group of fallout survivors named the “Stalkers”. We don’t know much about these people, nor do we know why they seem to like stripping the walkers of their clothing. Strand feels pretty confident they don’t pose a threat to him or his plans.

FTWD S07 EP01 Beacon
Victor Strand and his militia

Strand and Will seem to get on well – as well as two strangers can. But Victor is a complex character to read at the best of times. That’s what makes him both interesting and dangerous. If there’s one thing about Victor that rings true, it’s that nobody knows how to survive better than him. And when Will finally admits something to Victor about his past, this triggers Victor’s self-preservation personality trait.

It’s interesting to see how fallout affects everything it touches, including the undead. In hazy shades of yellow and brown, the world is a different place now. It has become even more hostile than it was, and only the very strongest will survive it. With the promotional material for season seven highlighting Victor Strand and Morgan, it’s only a matter of time before we eventually see these two leaders with entirely different views on survival go head-to-head. And I can’t wait!

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