Fear The Walking Dead S07 Ep 02 “Six Hours”

IMDb Summary - As Morgan, Grace and Mo struggle to adapt to life on the submarine, a food shortage forces them to face the nuclear fallout outside the sub.
JulieGNovember 5, 202165/1006 min
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FTWD Six Hours takes viewers in a different direction, with the story now focusing on Morgan, Grace and their baby, Mo. Let’s say things are strained between Grace and Morgan. Gone is the easy, carefree temperament of Morgan and Grace’s genuinely happy persona is non-existent. Instead, we see Grace stressed out and on edge, which stresses Morgan, who always feels responsible for anyone he is with. Now that he has become the surrogate father for Mo, there is even more pressure to keep his family alive.

With Grace’s knowledge of fallout contamination, one would think that Morgan, Grace and Mo are in the best possible situation. They lived in the submarine in the previous season; their location is also secure enough to avoid the fallout. But with Mo constantly crying due to being hungry, it’s up to Grace and Morgan to provide for the baby. Grace cannot nurse the baby, which means going out into the fallout to find baby food.


Navigating around in the fallout makes everything so much more difficult. The undead is twice as dangerous, and due to the fallout, it’s hard to see five feet ahead. The terrain they once knew suddenly becomes unfamiliar. And that’s not even counting the survivors who are also contaminated and a threat.

Morgan and Grace spend most of their time fighting through the fallout and contamination to find food for themselves and Mo. And it seems their luck has just about run out when they end up in a deadly stand-off with two highly contaminated people who think Mo is their child.

Things have become a lot more desperate in this season, and the feeling of dread is ever-present. It’s interesting to see strong characters being challenged once again in bold and unique ways. The coupled dynamic between Grace and Morgan has shifted as well, and it’s incredibly noticeable.

Morgan is in a unique situation and feels more challenged as a survivor than ever before. But now he has a baby to keep safe, and Grace seems annoyed by everything Morgan does. We haven’t seen this imbalance in their relationship before. It does give both characters a sense of vulnerability that wasn’t there or as prominent in earlier seasons. Whether or not Grace and Morgan regroups as a couple again remains to be seen, but it’s going to be fun watching how the rest of this season unfolds.

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