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IMDb Summary - June and Dorie's routine in Teddy's fallout shelter is disrupted when they discover the origins of their home and its sinister connections to Teddy's past.
JulieGNovember 10, 202175/1005 min
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We are now into the third episode – Fear The Walking Dead “Cindy Hawkins“. This week we are in for a treat as we pick up where things left off in S06 with June and John’s father “Dorie” who have made a makeshift home out of Terry’s abandoned bunker.

Through a series of flashbacks and strange ghostly visitations, Dorie finds himself trapped in a period of the past. Is this woman that appears someone from his past or someone from a nightmare? The sequences are filmed exceptionally well, allowing the audience to get swept up in Dorie’s experience. It’s genuinely creepy, but we eventually figure out who the woman is that Dorie keeps seeing.

June and Dorie have made something of this place underground, keeping to a routine that seems to work for both of them. They are counting the days underground until it’s safe for them to leave finally. As the nuclear fallout has caused so many problems topside, June and Dorie do what they can to make things work underground until they can’t. With Dorie’s consistent engagement with his past, June begins to think something has gone wrong with him and that their safety, her safety, could be in jeopardy.


Just as this begins to rattle the habitual routine June and Dorie have become accustomed to, things get a lot worse when they realise someone outside is banging on the bunker door. This turns into more and more banging until it finally sounds like whoever is knocking on the bunker entrance intends to come inside.

June and Dorie find a way to get out of the bunker with their guns and engage their enemy. Things are changing for everyone, including June and Dorie, and there isn’t much choice but to adjust. It would only be a matter of time before they were forced to go up to the surface anyway, so it looks like that came sooner rather than later. Everything seems to work out much better than they had hoped towards the end, but if there’s one thing that’s obvious about their situation, it’s that nothing is certain.

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