Fear The Walking Dead S07 Ep 04 “Breathe With Me”

IMDb Summary - Against the advice of the group, Sarah searches for Wendell, and in the process encounters a dangerous survivor who forces her to take part in a search of his own.
JulieGNovember 14, 202170/1006 min
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This episode entitled “Breathe With Me” follows Sarah after she’s been found and patched up by Al and the others. She decides that she needs to find Wendell even though the others advise against it. The outside is more dangerous and unpredictable than before. It wouldn’t do anyone any good if Sarah ended up dying because she was too stubborn to listen to her friends. But Sarah is adamant Wendell is still alive and she packs up her things and goes looking for him.

On her journey, Sarah encounters someone else who seems to be looking for something as well. The face is familiar because the stranger turns out to be the twin brother of the bounty hunter that Virginia hired to hunt Morgan. He gets the upper hand on Sarah, to begin with, but the tables eventually turn. Sarah’s an ex-veteran and a fighter, and she isn’t about to lay down and let this guy crap all over her.

Eventually, they find common ground and end up teaming up for part of the journey, with Sarah looking for Wendell and Josiah looking for payback for his brother’s death. Sarah agrees to help Josiah coax Morgan into meeting up so he can have his revenge on him but things don’t exactly go to plan.


Everyone seems to come across Victor Strand at one point, or another. He just seems to be everywhere. Victor tells her that he has Wendell in the tower, but he isn’t letting her see him. While Victor has his reasons, Sarah knows that this time around, Victor’s right. She decides to let Wendell go and makes Victor promise not to say anything about her.

Whether or not Victor has Wendell in the tower is never confirmed – at least not in this episode. But something tells me Victor’s lying. It wouldn’t surprise me at all. It doesn’t serve an immediate purpose to lie to her, but Victor likes to play games. It’s much easier for Sarah to pretend she couldn’t find Wendell than to fight with Victor. The episode ends with Sarah and Morgan teaming up and leaving Strand and the tower.

It disappointed me that Strand and Morgan didn’t have it out with each other. The promo material for this season shows them both about to come to blows. But there’s plenty of time for that storyline to progress. We just hope it goes in the right direction.

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