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IMDb Summary - With a code to guide them, Dwight and Sherry become ethical outlaws known as the Dark Horses; when Strand recruits them for a search and rescue mission, it forces them to question their code and their future.
JulieGNovember 21, 202175/1005 min
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Till Death follows two of my favourite characters in FTWD – Dwight and his wife, Sherry. Their love story is unconventional, which is why I like these two characters together. They are each other’s strength as well as their weakness. Dwight seems to be the one wanting to ground Sherry. But Sherry has ideas of her own on exactly how she wants to live. Hence, she leaves Dwight in this episode, which isn’t the first time these two lovebirds have parted ways.

Dwight and Sherry have made a reputation for themselves as the “Dark Horses” – they act like bandits with morals, so they work to a code. While living with the Larson family, Dwight and Sherry have become their protectors and enforcers. While searching for supplies, Dwight and Sherry are captured and delivered to none other than Victor Strand. Being his usual, charming self, Victor tries to enlist their help in finding someone named Mickey. He also asks them to consider living at the Tower, which they refuse.

After telling Victor they won’t do his dirty work, they decide to find this person named “Mickey” anyway, who is also looking for her husband. They decide to join forces after discovering that the Larson family have been murdered. Mickey and Sherry leave Dwight to search for Mickey’s missing husband.


One of the best aspects of season seven of FTWD is how each episode is split up and focused on one particular person (or, in the case of Sherry and Dwight, the two of them). This allows each episode to go deeper into the characters and their struggles in the Walking Dead universe. No two characters are alike, and separating the characters like this while drawing lines in the dirt between them makes for some exciting action and dramatic story progression.

In an uncertain world, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Victor and his influence is the only sure thing.

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