Fear The Walking Dead S07 Ep 06 “Reclamation”

IMDb Summary - Morgan searches for Al, only to discover that he's not the only one looking for her, and that his search may have put a target on his own back.
JulieGNovember 28, 20215 min
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FTWD “Reclamation” focuses on Al, who we haven’t seen a lot of this season, so it’s good to catch up on where she is in the story. We also get to see Morgan and Grace as they end up trying to save Al from the strangers dressed in black. Al is hesitant to tell Morgan what she’s doing and who she’s running from. This irritates Morgan because he feels like she’s pushing people away again and, in particular, pushing him away.

But Al has her own thing that she doesn’t want to share with Morgan and the others. And I’m okay with this. I think Al is a private person despite wanting to uncover everyone else’s secrets on videotape. She’s not too good under the camera lens herself.


This episode seems like more of a “filler”, but it does give us answers about the people Al is running from. With Morgan and Grace’s help, Al decides to set a trap for them, and it’s a beauty! Suffice it to say; you’ll be pressing rewind for a minute or two on this one.

FTWD Reclamation does leave you with a lasting feeling, and that is that no matter how many times Morgan tries to bring people together, things have a way of just not working out as planned. I’m sure this is frustrating for him, especially when he encounters resistance, as he does with both Victor and Alycia. I never really thought much of it until this episode, but it appears that Victor isn’t the only person who wants and needs control. Morgan wants things done his way as well, and he’s always trying to convince people his way is better. But is it? I guess we’ll see.

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