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IMDb Summary - A tour stop in Kid's hometown of Philadelphia becomes a matter of life and death for one of the world's most famous comedians.
JulieGDecember 9, 202169/1007 min
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Did you say Wesley Snipes was in this? Wesley “MF” Snipes? Well, I’m sold already because Wesley Snipes is the man. Seriously. He has been grossly overlooked as an actor. Don’t believe me? Then you need to expand a little and check out some of his earlier works, including White Men Can’t Jump, New Jack City, Demolition Man, and my personal favourite, Blade. Watch those films and tell me the man can’t act.

In this TV show, Wesley Snipes plays Carlton, the older brother of the “Kid”, played by Kevin Hart, the main character in the show. And Wesley Snipes is every bit the hustler, charmer and double-crosser, so in other words, this role was meant for him. Kevin Hart isn’t too bad either, but I haven’t seen a lot of Kevin Hart’s work to compare it. The two of them are also a great match, and their onscreen chemistry is powerful. You won’t doubt for a moment that they’re not real brothers.

The gist of the show is Kevin Hart plays the Kid, who is a huge celebrity and an extremely successful comedian. Not too much of a stretch there for Kevin Hart. His brother Carlton is a lot like his shadow – a shadow that seems to come in and out of the Kid’s life whenever he needs something. It’s evident that there is tension between these two which is great for dramatic effect.


As the show progresses, we follow the Kid and his trusty “shadow” on tour across the States and stopping in Philadelphia, the Kid’s hometown. Let’s say that things go from pretty good to terrible in about five seconds. The amount of drama that happens while the Kid is in Philadephia is mind-blowing. Almost anything that could happen includes an accidental drug overdose, multiple murders – most of which are incredibly violent, and numerous shootings.

We’d be giving away too much if we told you why these things happen. But suffice to say that everything happens in quick succession. The Kid finds himself relying on his brother to get him out of a terrible situation. It’s an interesting take on what life would be like for an ultra-famous comedian loved by millions, such as Kevin Hart.

Everything plays out behind the scenes, so you’re looking at the events unfold from a third-person perspective. This gives the characters a fantastic dynamic.

While this show is called “True Story”, we think it could be a play on those words. Another way to look at it is that the events that happen are so unbelievable that nobody would think it really happened. Or would they? I guess that all depends on who you are.

Some people live dangerous lives on the edge of a knife – maybe that’s one answer. But is that the kind of life you’d want if you had the choice? If you were a crazy mofo, maybe. And this TV show brings things uncomfortably close to crazy. It’s thrilling, entertaining, and a plus for Netflix.

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