Movie Reviews and TV Reviews Podcast #94 Final Podcast of the Year 2021

JulieGJanuary 2, 20228 min

Welcome to Now Showing NZ’s Movie Reviews and TV Reviews Podcast #94



Our Final Podcast for 2021!


TV Shows

Dexter S10 Ep 07 (2021) (begins 58 secs)
Hawkeye S01 Ep 06 (2021) (begins 4 mins 43 secs) – “It’s way better than WandaVision” – Jeremy
The Expanse S06 Ep 03 (2021) (begins 5 mins 56 secs) –  “I honestly can’t believe that I almost gave up on this show!” – Julie
Yellowjackets S01 Ep 06 (2021) (begins 8 mins 40 secs)
Station 11 S01 Ep 04 (2021) (begins 10 mins 43 secs) – “It’s a slow burn, man” – Julie
Mayor of Kingstown S01 Ep 07 (2021) (begins 13 mins 43 secs) “Jeremy Renner is amazing in this!” – Julie


The Matrix Resurrections (2021) (begins 16 mins 48 secs) – “You’re kind of begging for more”- Jeremy
Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City (2021) (begins 23 mins 39 secs) – “I can still see the CGI from the game almost like a reproduction of that” – Jeremy


Top TV Shows for 2021 (in no particular order)


What If S01 (begins 29 mins 32 secs)
Sex Education S04 (begins 30 mins 07 secs)
Midnight Mass Limited Series (begins 31 mins 24 secs)
The White Lotus S01 (begins 34 mins 05 secs)
Mare of Easttown S01 (begins 35 mins 38 secs)
Servant S02 (begins 36 mins 26 secs)
Cruel Summer S01 (begins 38 mins 40 secs)
Shadow and Bone S01 (begins 40 mins 36 secs)
Cobra Kai S04 (begins 41 mins 13 secs) “Miyagiverse!” – Jeremy
For All Mankind S02 (begins 46 mins 30 secs) “The battle that they had on the moon was just so intense!” – Jeremy
Behind Her Eyes Limited Series (begins 49 mins 10 secs)
White House Farm Limited Series (begins 50 mins 25 secs)


Top Movies for 2021 (in no particular order)

Dune (begins 52 mins 01 secs) – “He (Villeneuve) wants to honour Frank Herbert’s vision” – Jeremy
No Time To Die (begins 54 mins 20 secs) – “Will always have a special place in my heart” – Julie
Spider-Man No Way Home (begins 56 mins 34 secs) – “It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen this year”- Julie
Zola (begins 57 mins 33 secs)
The Green Knight (begins 59 mins 17 secs) – “Dev Patel was amazing. Everything about this movie just fits so well together” – Jeremy
Fear Street Part 2 (begins 1 hour 2 mins) – “People are getting axed in the face!” – Jeremy
The Novice (begins 1 hour 05 mins 25 secs) – “The American Psycho of rowing” – Jeremy
See For Me (begins 1 hour 07 mins 46 secs)
No Man of God (begins 1 hour 09 mins 57 secs) – “It does get a bit dark obviously because it’s about a serial killer” – Julie
The Father (begins 1 hour 13 mins 53 secs) – “This one hit me so hard” – Julie

Stay safe out there, everyone, and we’ll catch you in our next podcast!
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