Movie Reviews and TV Reviews Podcast #95 Mass/The Expanse/Station 11/Vigil/The Moorside

JulieGJanuary 8, 20224 min

Welcome to Now Showing NZ’s Movie Reviews and TV Reviews Podcast #95



PODCAST #95 Featuring Mass (2021)


TV Shows



The Expanse S06 Ep 04 (2021) (begins 39 secs) – “Just float him!” – Jeremy

Dexter New Blood S10 Ep 08 (2021) (begins 3 mins 47 secs)

Yellowjackets S01 Ep 07 (2021) (begins 5 mins 50 secs)

Station 11 S01 Ep 06 (2021) (begins 9 mins 57 secs) – “Patient Zero is like a reset of the entire timeline” – Julie

The Moorside Limited TV Series (2017) (begins 14 mins 29 secs) “This is so crazy you wouldn’t believe it” – Jeremy

Vigil TV Series S01 (2021) (begins 22 mins 54 secs) – “The writing was so tight” – Julie



Mass (2021) (begins 27 Mins 51 secs) – “It’s written in such a way that you don’t really know what’s happening for the first 20 or 30 minutes” – Jeremy

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