Julie Gray – Editor in Chief and Renegade GIF maker.

Julie has been involved with the entertainment industry as a writer for some time, first starting out as a writer for Gameplanet in New Zealand. She has written for various websites online and has had several bylines in print for tech magazines Netguide, Interface Magazine and the ECA to name a few. She is also a huge Star Wars geek and writes daily on her Star Wars blog about all things in a galaxy far, far away. If you’re a star wars fan, you should check out her blog here. She is also an editor and contributor over at KeithLovesMovies dot com.

When she’s not watching movies, writing about movies or thinking about movies she is designing MP4s, edits and GIFs for Now Showing NZ’s many social media accounts. Check out our social media details here.

You can contact Julie directly for any business-related enquiries right here.

Jeremy Porter – Head Reviewer and Tech Guru

Jeremy is mad about movies and enjoys blending his love of film with tech-related pursuits. He enjoys building PCs, playing video games and watching movies, of course!

His favourite video game is the original Doom and his favourite movie is The Exorcist.

That’s us at one of our favourite movie complexes!